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Ben Taylor


SSA really helps me grow to get my goals and dreams. I also learn how to be a team player. There are 5 players on the court and I am the only one in them, so I have to work with the other 4 players on the court. I also make a lot of new friends in SSA, life-long friends.
If you like to improve as a basketball player and a person, come join SSA. It's fun. You make new friends and you get better as a basketball player.

Huy Thuan


What I like most about SSA is that I can make lots of new friends and they are truly my second family. I am so happy to have them as my teammates.

Bảo Thiện


In 2015, I travelled to Hong Kong with SSA, it was my first time travelling to another country for a sport competition and won a Gold Medal. The competition helped me to realize my strong passion for basketball and I push myself harder in practices. In 2016, I was in a Junior NBA Allstar team and surprisingly, been recognized as an MVP player of the season! I'm very happy, SSA has helped me to achieve my dream!

Bảo Trân


Children come here to play, to have fun, to satisfy their passion about sport. When they come home, they become much more confident and study better. As parents, we are very satisfied with the result. SSA provides a healthy playground for youth development.

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