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Multi-sports training center & Sports service provider


SSA is a multi-sports training center for children aged 3-18, from beginner to advanced levels. We teach football & basketball (aged 5-18) and the specialized Skills Factory program (basic movement & coordination skills, aged 3-5).

We also create interactive Corporate & Social Events aiming to have a social impact through sports.

  • Highly experienced local & international coaches
  • Available local & international tournaments to refine skills
  • International environment helps children to improve English & social skills
  • High standard facility


Sport builds character and helps children learn life skills


    Fun and exciting football class for boys and girls of all level, aged 6 years old and above. SSA's specially designed curriculum is based on the Long Term Athletic Development Model

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    For children aged 3-18, from beginner to advanced levels. SSA Basketball is directed by Saigon Heat. It’s fun and exciting but it also teaches team work and self-confidence!

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    Educational playground for kids (aged 3-5 years) to practice fundamental & coordination skills through fun games and activities!

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Corporate & Social Events which deliver social impact through Sports

  • Sport consultancy
  • Sport activation & team building
  • Sponsorship management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • 25 Sep 2017
    25 Sep 2017

    Saigon Women League 2017

    Saigon Women League 2017 organized by Saigon Women's Football Club and SSA Sports in SSA Sports Center, attracted 8 women football teams and more than 500 audiences.
  • 15 Jul 2017
    15 Jul 2017

    ILA Summer Camp 2017

    SSA Sports has the opportunity to train basketball for more than 3,500 students at ILA English Language Centers in HCM, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Binh Duong, Bien Hoa and Vung Tau.
  • 28 Jun 2017
    28 Jun 2017

    CIS field trip 2017

    SSA Sports has the opportunity to train football and dodgeball for more than 200 students of CIS School at SSA Sports Center
  • 05 Jun 2017
    05 Jun 2017

    City Smart Field Trip 2017

    City Smart Field Trip 2017 organized by City Smart and SSA Sports in Ho Xuan Huong Stadium, attracted more than 100 school children and teacher.
  • 30 Mar 2017
    30 Mar 2017


    Hoop It Up Tournament 2016 organized by Interglobo and SSA Sports in CIS Stadium, attracted more than 100 players from HCMC and Interglobo Team.
  • 30 Nov 2016
    30 Nov 2016

    Nike Community Ambassador training 2016

    SSA Sports has the opportunity to train sport skills for more than 150 PE Teachers and Nike Staff in SSA Sports Center for Nike Community Ambassador training 2016.
  • 28 Nov 2016
    28 Nov 2016

    Nike Active with Sport 2016 – 2017

    SSA Sports has the opportunity to train sport skills for more than 14,000 students at 10 elementary schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Participate schools:Giồng Ông Tố : 156 đường số 6, Bình Trưng Tây, Q2Lạ...
  • 22 Oct 2016
    22 Oct 2016

    Golden Gate Sport Gala 2016

    Golden Gate Sport Gala 2016, organized by Golden Gate and SSA Sports in Rach Mieu Stadium, attracted more than 1000 staff & audiences from Golden Gate Group
  • 20 Oct 2016
    20 Oct 2016


    McDonald’s Football League, organized by McDonald’s and SSA Sports in SSA Sports Center, attracted 15 football teams and more than 800 audiences.
  • 30 Jul 2016
    30 Jul 2016

    Apollo Summer Gala 2016

    Apollo Summer Gala, organized by Apollo and SSA Sports in HCMC’s District 2, attracted more than 200 school children.


What people think about SSA

Ben TaylorStudents

SSA really helps me grow to get my goals and dreams. I also learn how to be a team player. There are 5 players on the court and I am the only one in them, so I have to work with the other 4 players on the court. I also make a lot of new friends in SSA, life-long friends.
If you like to improve as a basketball player and a person, come join SSA. It's fun. You make new friends and you get better as a basketball player.

Huy ThuanStudents

What I like most about SSA is that I can make lots of new friends and they are truly my second family. I am so happy to have them as my teammates.

Bảo ThiệnStudents

In 2015, I travelled to Hong Kong with SSA, it was my first time travelling to another country for a sport competition and won a Gold Medal. The competition helped me to realize my strong passion for basketball and I push myself harder in practices. In 2016, I was in a Junior NBA Allstar team and surprisingly, been recognized as an MVP player of the season! I'm very happy, SSA has helped me to achieve my dream!

Bảo TrânParents

Children come here to play, to have fun, to satisfy their passion about sport. When they come home, they become much more confident and study better. As parents, we are very satisfied with the result. SSA provides a healthy playground for youth development.

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